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Is it 2008 All Over Again? Chinese Supply Crunch Hits Crop Protection Players

November 9, 2017By: Jackie Pucci  | ARTICLE LINK to

They say that if you want to know the price of agricultural chemicals, look at the sky in China.

If the sky is blue, the price is up.

Dennis Pfeiffer got off a plane last week from Southeast China, where the umbrella company of the company he leads, Tide International USA, is based.


Willowood USA named one of fastest growing businesses

EMILY HOARD The News-Review

Jun 11, 2017

Since Willowood USA started in 2010 in Roseburg, it has been growing quickly to provide crop protection products to farmers across the United States.

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Willowood USA Teams Up with Lariat Partners

  Apr 20, 2016

Willowood USA announced today that they have teamed up with Lariat Partners, a Denver based private equity firm to further expand their product portfolio and market expansion. “The strategic investment that Lariat Partners has made in our company will rapidly fuel our growth and presence in U.S. agriculture” states Brian Heinze – Willowood USA President and CEO. “We have experienced excellent growth these past 5 years but this investment from Lariat will ramp up our expansion and presence in markets that we have not yet penetrated.”

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Willowood USA Receives Award for Third Consecutive Year

Jun 17, 2015

Portland, Oregon – Willowood USA receives award for being 81st at the Top 100 Fastest-Growing Private Businesses in Oregon.

The evening of June 17th Willowood USA joined nearly 900 business leaders at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Portland to learn which companies are the region’s fastest-growing enterprises in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

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